Software Developer

Hi, I'm Vince. I create functional, usable and
scalable web apps using Ruby on Rails.

Experience matters

I've got it... 25 years of it.

I have been developing Rails apps for over 7 years, but I'm really a generalist. I've worked with just about every platform using a diverse set of programming languages.
Real source code
I have also built...
Desktop, Server and Facebook apps. I've even done a bit of mobile and embedded systems development.
Buzzword compliant
Comfortable with: Ruby, Javascript, jquery, Rails, Java, golang, bdd/tdd, git/github, C, Linux, Chef, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS

And what I don't know? I'll learn quickly.

I have my own startups too


Pennyminder delivers technical solutions for Credit Unions around the world. Cashbook is a Personal Finance Manager (PFM) that empowers Credit Union members to be smarter with their money.



Dovetail provides member management, payments and booking room software for coworking space managers to better manage thier spaces so they can spend more time building community.